5 Ways to Use Your Play Couch

5 Ways to Use Your Play Couch

Before we started Little Adventurers Play couch, our girls would constantly ask to keep boxes to create all kinds of things, cubbies, planes, cars and so much more. These boxes would end up sitting in the middle of our lounge and dining area for months on end unused or touched until we finally decided that they would have to go. 

box play

Little Adventurers Play Couches offers a solution to the endless amount of boxes hanging around the home being unused, untouched and really just getting in the way. 

So what can you make with a Little Adventurers Play Couch? Well the possibilities are endless. We are going to share Macy and Indie's top 5 ways they like to use the play couches here. 

Cubby House

Macy and Indie love setting up their play couch to look like a cubby house. They sit inside with their dolls and tea party set. They also like to use it as a place to read books or hide. 

 cubby house

Gymnastics Mat

Macy does gymnastics and the play couch has come in handy for practicing her tumbles, headstands, handstands and cartwheels on. It provides a safe and soft place for her to practice. There isn't a day that goes by that the play couch isn't laid out on the ground for her to practice.

Movie Couch

The girls have their own play room with TV and so the couches create a comfy space for them to chill out at the end of the day and start preparing for bed time. 

Obstacle Course

Setting up the play couch like an obstacle course uses imagination, improves gross motor skills as well as developing communication skills. Macy and Indie like to set up the play couches so they can ride their scooters through and around each piece of the couch.


We love a good performance in the Leal home. Even I get in on the action at times. The stage set up allows the kids to imagine what it would be like to be a performer and create their own songs. Dance parties are also regularly held in our house. 


The Little Adventurers Play Couch is so versatile your child's imagination will run wild with all the shapes they can create. 

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