Indoor play activities for kids

Indoor play activities for kids

School holidays are upon us or aren't too far away and with that comes a whole lot of planning and juggling to ensure your children are kept entertained. At the moment the weather is on and off in Brisbane and so it made me think about how we can entertain the kids when they can't go outside.

So here are my top 5 indoor play activities for your kids to do these school holidays.

1. Tape Shapes

Using painters tape, create shapes, numbers and letters on your floor. Then on another piece of paper you can either write the instructions of the game or draw (stick figures for me) how your child is to move from shape to letter to number. For example: Skip from the circle to the letter A. This game will not only keep your child entertained but it will also help them to learn letters, numbers and shapes. 

2. Balloon Games 

Kids love balloons, there is no doubt about that. Give the kids a couple of balloons and ask them to time how long they can keep it off the ground by hitting it up into the air. If they are finding one balloon easy, you can increase the number of balloons they are hitting up in the air to see how many they can juggle and for how long. 

balloon games

3. Treasure Hunt

Host your own indoor treasure hunt. Hide some of their favourite toys in various locations around the house and create a treasure map with hints about where they might be able to find their toys. Create a buzz around the treasure hunt with the final hint leading to a new toy, kinder surprise or even just a little bag of lollies. 

treasure hunt

4. Board Games

Board games are always fun and bring back some of the joy from our childhood years. Bring them out and enjoy a little fun for 20 minutes during your lunch break if you are WFH or more if you have taken the time off.

board games

5. Imaginative Play

Most children love using their imagination when they are playing, whether it be putting on a concert, going on a camping trip, driving a formula 1 race car or even taking a trip around the world in a big jet plane. Imagination is key to helping your child develop and grow. Our play couches can be turned into all kinds of shapes including that of a stage for their concert, a tent for their camping trip, a race car and even a plane. 

kids couch