Our Story

Our Story

Hi, we are the Leals! We are a Brisbane based family, love to travel and see family based in all parts of Australia and overseas and most importantly love a good adventure.

The idea of Little Adventurers Play Couch came about from the constant creative mess our children, Macy and Indie would generate week in week out. 

During all the snap lockdowns it became apparent to us that our eldest, Macy was very entrepreneurial always looking for ways to make some extra money. She has a kind soul so every idea she brewed up was with the idea that she would be providing the end user with some enjoyment and happiness through a time that would be so hard for so many. 


We started our search for play couches in Australia that had the versatility to transform into stages, cubbies, tents, reading nooks and even the occasional bed but all we found were plain coloured couches. This is when Little Adventurers play couch took off. We wanted to fill the hole in the market and provide a play couch that had all of the features the other suppliers were able to provide but with the kid friendly, fun and educational design as well. 

We are super excited to bring this concept to life and Macy and Indie are excited to be able to see what different shapes your children come up with. 

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