Tips for hosting a fun and successful sleepover

Tips for hosting a fun and successful sleepover

The Christmas school holidays aren't too far away and as a mum it's inevitable for the 'sleepover' questions to begin.

The conversation has already begun in our house. "Mum, Molly asked if I can sleep over this weekend." "Mum, can Eliza sleep over on the school holidays?" 

As a child, I used to love a holiday sleepover with my friends but when is it too soon for your child to sleepover, when and how do you determine which sleepover you agree to and which one's you don't? Can you agree to one and not another? I have so many questions which I'm sure you do too but to answer them, well I'm not an expert so I can't give you any answers, all I would say is trust your gut, listen to how you feel and make your own decision. After all you know your child more than anyone else.

What I can help you with are some tips to ensure you host a memorable and fun sleepover. 

Create an activity space

Children are funny characters, you can't pick them and they certainly won't want to play the same game at the same time. I mean that would make life easy. Create an activity space with a mix of board games, craft activities, reading and colouring books. Giving them a variety of activities to choose from in the one space will help them to enjoy the company of their friends while also doing what they would like to do.

Check and adhere to the other parents requests

Every child is different and every child is brought up differently. To ensure the children enjoy themselves and you aren't sending the child home to their parent high on sugar of grumpy AF because they aren't used to late nights, check and adhere to the rules from the child's parent. 


Kids certainly love sugary treats and let's face it, sugary treats are what a sleepover is all about. Some fun treats you can make with the kids are popcorn, vanilla biscuits, or even some mini cupcakes. The kids will have fun baking in the kitchen, will pass time and give them something to enjoy while watching their movie or two before bed. 


Sometimes having extra children over can make sleeping arrangements difficult. Where do they sleep? The Little Adventurers Play Couches are made using Certipur-US foam which is also used in your bed mattresses. They can convert into two mattresses for your children to sleep on. Creating an even sleeping space, not only makes it fun for all children but also creates an even playing field so that there are no arguments about who sleeps where. 

If you are planning a sleepover on the school holidays, I wish you the best of luck! Make sure you share all the fun with us