Calm down corners - A place to help regulate emotions

Calm down corners - A place to help regulate emotions

Sometimes as parents life can become overwhelming and so time alone helps us to regather our thoughts and refresh. The same applies to our children.

A calm down corner is a place for your child to go when they are feeling overwhelmed, tired or even overexcited. It's a place that doesn't have the stigma surrounding it as a "naughty" corner and is created with the help of your child/ren. The idea of this space is to provide your child with somewhere they can go to help regulate their emotions. 

calm down corner

In the lead up to prep, we are finding that Indie is extremely emotional. She will lose her mind just because she can't get her sock on straight, or this morning she lost it because she told me that she wanted a pony tail but really wanted piggy tails.

Anyway, without sending her to the calm down corner as if it was a naughty corner, we would ask her if she thinks she might need time in her calm down corner. Because she has created the corner for herself, it's a place that she feels comfortable and relaxed in.

So how do you create a calm down corner and what should you include in it? 

1. Set the spot

Find a spot with your child that is away from the rest of the family, a space that they feel comfortable in and think will help them to calm.

2. Make it comfortable

Create a comfortable space using whatever soft items you have at home. It can be made comfortable using pillows, cushions, bean bags, throws or even using your Little Adventurers Play Couch

3. Make it their own

What are some of their favourite things to do? Read, Colour, play with dolls or cars? Some children might even find it relaxing and helpful to have a range of sensory toys in the space. Fill a basket with some items they chose to have with them and place in the space. The basket should also help to keep the area tidy.

4. Relax

Now it's time to use the corner. Make sure you suggest the corner when you feel like your child's emotions are running high to create a habit for them. Soon enough they will realise when they need to use the space on their own. 

Make sure to share you calm down corner with us We love to see how everyone else is handling their children's emotions.