Why kids benefit from playing on their own

Why kids benefit from playing on their own

How often does that little person in your head start giving you the guilt trip for not playing more with your children?

Since I have started back at work fulltime this year that little person has become more and more prevalent. Working, running a business and trying to be there constantly for my children is a juggle but sometimes it's what you do now that helps with the later. 

Recently I read an article by Very Well Family which stated that it is OK to let your child play on their own and here are some of the reasons why.

Teaches Self Entertainment and Social Independence

When children play on their own they are learning to entertain themselves without the help of others. Learning to have fun on their own at a young age will help to prepare them for when they grow older and start to realise that they cannot rely on others to entertain them. They will also become more comfortable in any situation, whether it be around people or not.

Gets Kids Ready for School

I cannot tell you enough how much me going full time and Indie being in Kindy 5 days a week has helped her confidence, social ability and also reduced the clinginess. She still clings on the occasion but is so much better.

Now, kindy 5 days a week may not be the right fit for every family and that is why it is important to allow your child to explore and play on their own at home to make that transition to school a little bit easier. Allowing your child to play on their own will teach them that you cannot be around them all the time and so when they go to school they won't feel abandoned when you drop and leave. 

Gives you some 'ME' Time

The most important one for independent play is this one. As I mentioned earlier, the mum guilt is real and a lot of the time it rears it's head when you have been busy working, washing, cleaning or cooking. As a mum I understand more than ever the importance of sometimes putting yourself first. Yes it's not all the time because lets face it our kids are growing up quicker than we would like but there needs to be a time when you sit down to a coffee and just have some 'Me' time. Giving your children toys that provide open ended play like our play couch means they will be entertained for hours allowing you just the 10 minutes you need to enjoy your coffee while it's still hot.